mvp designs

This page is for samples of a re-brand for Mortimer Village Partnership (Logo, Banner and Strapline) click on thumbnail picture below. The logo that the committee like is the one numbered MVPLogo39B & C but with the following adjustments,,1. I think from what I can see the “figures” have a shadow, it was felt cleaner without the shadow as per MVPLogo25.2. I am not sure about the colouring for the lettering from my PC but I am assuming that the Enriching Village Life script is in Brown the same as the figure and V letter (on my PC it looks black.3. We would want the version  with the just the strapline ENriching Village Life and also the version with Mortimer Village Partnership in Blue and the Strap line… I guess for thesake of completeness a version with no strapline or Mortimer Village Partnership.4. It was felt that a monochrome version is useful but wondered if the Black / White tones could be reversed 25BW version??

It is inteneded that we formally launch the logo in October for our Scarecrow Trail and we will also launch it at an event when we will be awarding MVP Associate Memberships to local supporting businesses, Presenting cheques to Charity beneficiaries from our Fun Day and also annoucing winners of the scarecrow trail,

Se we can splash the new logo on lots of things in one go.


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