Using your colour photos to generate swatches for your web site

Remember your holiday? Possibly abroad? Maybe you took many great pics with colourful content and wished you could just ‘can’ all those memories into your design ideas. Try out a Google extension called Pallete Creator which does a great job of analysing just about any image you want to throw at it and is able to create some usable HEX / RGB / CYMK swatches for you to use in your designs.




Graphics – get your site looking like the professionals

How do they do that?
Just when you thought you had a good layout you stumble on one of those ‘ultra trendy’ sites that just seems to “work”. You look at it and wonder how their site has such a balanced feel to it and why can’t I do that too…!
Lucky for us “non graphic designers” there are a few techniques that you can use to give the feeling of ‘balance’ to your graphics and text. One of these techniques revolves around a mathematical ratio called the fibonnaci sequence – actually it was known to mathematicians from India first – but I’m not going to quibble. Smile
The first part of the sequence is 1,1,2,3,5,8 etc etc (this is like taking a number eg 1+1 = 2 then 2+1 = 3 then 3+2 = 5 and so on). This sequence can be applied to how you layout graphics and text. You can do it all in Powerpoint or you favourite graphics program.
Draw a square 8 by 8 (could be inches or cm) – it is the ratio that is important. Now put a 5 by 5 square next to it. Follow that up with a 3 by 3 , a 2 by 2 and a further two 1 by 1 squares – see the layout below. Once you have your template you can use it to position your photos / illustrations and text in a mathematically balanced way. When selecting your photos make sure you “crop” them to a near perfect square (it doesnt matter what size the crop actually is … you can re-size the crop to suit your ratio later). Place you text segments (headlines and body text) into using the template as indicated.
What about the web?
As this is a mathematical ratio you can use the same concept on the web – just substitute the numbers for ‘000’s of pixels – eg 8 by 8 becomes 800 by 800 pixels, 5 by 5 becomes 500 by 500 pixels. Simple eh?
I picked some clipart from the microsoft office site and have padded the text with the lorem ipsum text.
The possibilities are quite varied and could make a difference to how your customer’s perceive you and your WordPress (or other website).
Have a go and see if it makes a difference!
It works for landscape too!